About Us

As with most of you guys, I was raised in the outdoors. I was introduced to hunting very early by my dad. I would tag along with him to the deer lease with a single shot 12 gauge. I fell in love with hunting and the outdoors and never looked back. My passion is bow hunting, I participate in archery tournaments and bow hunt pretty much exclusivly. I haven’t picked up a rifle in many many years, nothing wrong with it of course, I just prefer to have my bow in my hand.

Because I do hunt and fish year round I found the need for a good quality knife is very important. The problem I found is there are so many to choose from, I couldn’t make a decision so I just bought one. Turns out I didn’t like the one I bought and that was frustrating. That’s when I went to work researching as many knives as I could and realized it was tougher than I had thought. What I was specifically looking for was a pocket knife and a hunting knife. I wanted a folding blade for everyday carry and a fixed blade for hunting. After I made my decisions and pickup up my knives off the internet I was left with a ton of info I had gathered during my search, so thats when I had the idea to create this website. I’ll be updating this site with in-depth reviews, and comparative analysis.

If you find a knife you would like reviewed please let me know. My hope here is that I can provide you with the data needed to make your decision a little easier, and quicker.