Case Knives

If you like collecting pocket knives, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Case Knives. And for good reason. There’s no better knife company specializing in classic, collectable pocket knives.

Case and Sons has been pioneering the pocket knife industry for over 125 years! They were founded by William Russell Case in 1889.

To put that in perspective, my Great Grandma wasn’t born when William started selling knives out of the back of a wagon. The Case Collectors Club now boasts over 19,000 active members.

Top 5 Case & Sons Pocket Knives

After much debate with myself, I’ve narrowed down a list to the best 5 knives that Case & Sons produces.​

Case Amber Bone Stockton

best case knife

In my opinion, this is the most handsome blade on the list. This pocket knife has three different blades – a clip blade, a sheepsfoot blade, and a spey blade.

These three blades cover all the bases, making this the ideal pocket knife for hunting, fishing or camping. You can use the spey blade to cut through dinner, and the clip blade to hack through ripcord.

You probably noticed the gorgeous handle on this knife. It’s made from genuine amber bone. And it also proudly displays the iconic Case Knives logo.

Like all their blades, this knife is made in the USA.

Case Yellow Trapper Knife

yellow trapper case knife

This knife may look familiar. It’s the best selling knife in the entire Case line. That’s a pretty impressive accolade.

The two blades on this knife are the Spey and the Clip. The clip is the classic pocket knife blade that you can use for any general tool. The spey, on the other hand, is special blade that you can use to clean game.

Or, if hunting is outside of your skill set, the spey blade is perfect to carve a walking stick around the fire while camping.

The blades are made from chrome vanadium steel, so you know it’s tough enough for any job.

Case Amber Bone Russlock

Case Amber Bone Russlock Pocket Knife

This knife is the last designed by Tom Hart, before he retired from Case Knives after over 50 years of service.

His final way of saying “Thank You” was naming the knife after the company’s founder, John Russell.

The blade on this knife is different than standard case knives. For starters, thanks to the “tail” on the knife, you can easily open it with one hand, making it ideal for quick drawing. On top of that, it also uses “Tru-Sharp” technology on its surgical steel blade.

The knife is 4” long closed, but the blade is only 2.5” open. This is an advantage because you can legally carry it just about anywhere.

Case Bermuda Green Copperlock

Case Knives Copperlock

This Case knife is a beautiful example of what a budget-friendly pocket knife can be.

The knife has a surgical sharp clip blade that cleanly pops into place when opened and closed.

Like most Case knives, the grip of this knife is made from genuine bone, so you know it’s the highest quality.

This knife does have a locking feature as well. To close the blade you simply press the lock on the back of the handle down while closing the blade. 

The knife ships sharp as can be, and boasts “Tru-Sharp” technology.

Case Brown Peanut

best case knives

The last Case knife on our list is the little Peanut. Don’t be fooled by the name, though – good things come in small packages.

For starters, the blade on this isn’t the shortest on the list, as its 2.75” long. And this knife has two blades, making it incredibly versatile.

The pen blade, named because it was originally used to sharpen the point of quill pens, is the perfect blade for whittling and carving.

Meanwhile, the classic clip blade is perfect for hunting, hiking and camping. And, there isn’t much more pleasing than a classy looking knife. The rugged brown grip and the steel detailing is gorgeous.

While case knives may not be the biggest or the scariest folding knives, they’ve been collectables for over 125 years.

If you’re looking for a knife that’s compact, beautiful, and you can count on being the workhorse of your pocket knife collection – then Case Knives may have something for you.