Boker Plus Urban Trapper Review

There are a number of different options out there for easily concealable pocket knives that perform well for every day tasks. The Boker Plus Urban Trapper represents a solid mix of low cost affordability and higher grade materials than similar offerings on the market.

This knife balances the line between Every Day Carrier and a Gentleman’s pocket knife. For the slimline design, quality construction, and ease of carry we give this knife 4 out of 5 stars.

Boker Plus Urban Trapper Review


  • High Quality Materials
  • Light Weight
  • Extremely Thin
  • Affordable


  • Frame Lock Needs Improvement
  • Suited for Deep Pockets when Carried

Boker Plus Urban Trapper Features

Blade – The blade on the Urban Trapper is a standard folder. It features a clip point blade with a satin finish. The blade is suitable for most every day cutting tasks, household chores, opening letters, boxes, and other light to medium cutting duties.

The length of the blade gives plenty of cutting surface for various tasks. The VG-10 stainless steel is considered a medium to high grade steel that retains an edge well.

Handle – The handle on the Urban Trapper is made of solid titanium. This makes the handle incredibly strong, light, and thin all at once. Similar knives will opt for materials like FRN or G-10.

The handle features a slight curve and plenty of length for gripping. It also includes a deep carry pocket clip for easy concealment.

The frame lock runs the length of the handle. The maximum thickness of the knife stands at just under .5” making it extremely thin.

Deployment and Lockup – For deployment the blade uses a standard flipper for quick action one handed opening. The flipper itself rests far enough below the blade not to endanger the hand and acts as an extra notch for holding when doing delicate work with the blade.

For lockup the blade uses a standard frame lock. On this knife the frame lock is titanium just like the handle. This reduces the weight of the knife while providing very good stability.

The blade is held securely within the handle until the flipper is activated. This ensures the blade won’t slip open during carry damaging clothing or hands.

Blade Design and Function

boker plus urban trapper vg-10 blade steel

The Urban Trapper sports an impressive 3.5 inch blade made of VG-10 steel. VG-10 is a Japanese stainless steel with a good harness rating. It comes out of the box fairly sharp and maintains an edge well.

Many users remark that it is rare to see a satin finish on a blade like this and that it is a nice quality added touch for an affordable EDC knife. Additionally VG-10 steel is easily sharpened allowing for prolonged use even when used every day and being stainless steel means that it will not rust and requires very little maintenance.

The blade has plenty of cutting surface and a very slight swedge making it great for household cutting tasks like breaking down boxes, opening packages and mail or cutting food. The length of the blade causes some users to argue that it is too large for an EDC or Gentleman’s pocket knife. This argument is generally offset by how thin and light the knife is despite its overall size.

Handle Make and Feel

boker plus urban trapper titanium handle

The handle of the Urban Trapper is made completely of titanium with signature holes throughout. This keeps the knife extremely light while still providing maximum durability. The handle is also incredibly thin at .46”.

The handle length is respectable 4.25 inches and features a very slight curve. The length allows for the full hand to fit underneath the handle without loads of discomfort or awkward holding.

The holes in the titanium are countersunk and then polished to a smooth finish to make the knife lighter and yet still comfortable to hold. The titanium is thin but very durable and will hold up well over prolonged use. The finish on the handle allows it to hide scratches and wear so that maintenance is not an issue and the aesthetic of the knife is not disturbed after rough use.

One complaint about the all metal handle is that it becomes extremely cold during outdoor use. The handle features a deep carry pocket clip for easy concealment. Some users feel that despite being incredibly thin, the knife is too long for smaller pockets.

Deployment and Lockup

boker plus urban trapper review

For deployment the knife uses a standard flipper. The flipper pops the blade out from the frame lock for easy one handed deployment.

The flipper itself is situated far enough back not to endanger the user when used to open or close the knife. It also acts as an extra notch when choking up on the knife for detailed knife work by placing the index finger under the flipper and the thumb on the back of the blade. 

For lock up the knife uses an all titanium frame lock set in the handle. The frame lock securely closes and holds the blade in place until the flipper is used. The frame lock runs the length of the handle and adds a bit more heft and stability to the knife without making it excessively heavy.

Some users do complain that the frame lock has issues with stability allowing the blade to wobble inside the handle, though there have been no reports of the blade coming fully open due to lock failure.

Boker Plus Urban Trapper Review – Final Thoughts

For those looking for a slimline EDC knife, the Boker Plus Urban Trapper is an excellent choice in its category. It features higher grade materials than many others in its category and has some nice custom touches that make it stand out from the pack.

The blade is long and sharp and easy to maintain. The titanium handle is light and holds up well over prolonged use. The flipper and frame lock are probably the only normal components of the knife but both perform as well as can be expected.

If you’re in the market for an easy to carry flipper that conceals well and doesn’t weigh a ton, the Urban Trapper from Boker is a great choice.

Boker Plus 01BO730 Urban...
  • Vg-10 premium steel blade
  • Titanium frame lock
  • 8mm grip thickness

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