Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance is single-handedly raising the bar in knife manufacturing. Based out of Tualatin, Oregon this all American company came onto the playing field in 2006. Their knives are now well known for their quality and durability.

Zero Tolerance began by producing combat knives for professional use. Military and law enforcement have relied on their dependable heavy duty knives in the field. Over the years they have expanded their collection to include tactical knives, general use, and high-end premium knives. If you are looking for a solid knife that can stand up to daily abuse, Zero Tolerance makes the best pocket knives in the business.

Some of their models are more of a financial investment than other brands of tactical knives out there, but you will be glad you spent the extra money. Whether you are a professional or civilian these knives can hold up to anything you throw at them. All Zero Tolerance knives are made from quality materials and have a lifetime warrantee to back them up.

Since their brand hit the market, they have been giving competing manufactures a run for their money. Winning numerous awards, their continuous advancements in design and technology have changed the field of pocket knives. Zero Tolerance has become a household name. They push the limits of form and function in order to provide the best knives your money can buy.

All Time Favorite Zero Tolerance Knives

All of ZT pocket knives are top-notch and very well built, but some stand out above the rest. Whether it be from the build quality of the knife, or the awards recieved, these are all regarded as premium level knives and are highly sought after by knife enthusiasts and collectors alike. Here are just a few of the all time best pocket knives ever made by Zero Tolerance Knives.

0500 M.U.D.D Knife

Back in 2006 Zero Tolerance was awarded BLADE Magazines Most Innovative American Knife right out of the gate. Their 0500 model, also known as the M.U.D.D knife was designed by father and son team Grant and Gavin Hawk. It has a 3.75 inch blade, made from DLC finished 154CM stainless steel.

Zero Tolerance 0500

The handle is black anodized, machined aircraft aluminum. In comes in at a total length of almost nine inches open and weighs nearly seven ounces. It is most defiantly a heavy duty knife. It has a unique blade shape, featuring two separate angle changes along the spine.

The polyurethane coating ensures that no grit will disrupt the pivot or locking mechanisms. Zero Tolerance was commended on their partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America in connection with this blade. The company donated a portion of the proceeds from the M.U.D.D knife to the organization in support of their cause.

ZT 0200

Zero Tolerance has several well know models that are very highly sought after by their customers. The ZT0200 manual opening pocket knife is still among the most popularly purchased blades that they make, even though it has been around for a while. This is a testament to the made in the USA quality Zero Tolerance in known for.

Zero Tolerance Knives

It has a four inch steel 154CM blade, with Tungsten DLC coating. The handle is 3D machined G-10, and features a quad-mounted clip for versatile carry. The 0200 clocks in at a total length of 8.75 inch and weights almost nine ounces. It is bulkier than many Zero Tolerance designs, but it is build like a tank. It is a good overall knife that can do any job and is built to last.

It is preferred by some over the 0300 because of the manual opening. This is a personal preference of manual over assisted open mechanisms. The 0200 was designed by Ken Onion. It was awarded Best Patrol Knife by Tactical Response Magazine in 2008 after being tested in the field by several law enforcement officers.

To this day it is a go to purchase for professional and everyday use. It is a great pick for a survival knife as well, if you are looking for a quality knife that can do it all. At about $150, it is reasonably priced and can fit into most anyone’s budget.

ZT 0300

Another Zero Tolerance knife with a great reputation is the ZT0300 model. It is even referred to on the company’s website as their “flagship” knife. It is arguably the best assisted opening knife out there. It has the entire quintessential package of Zero Tolerance characteristics buyers look for.

Zero Tolerance Knives

The 0300 is another Ken Onion design that at first glance appears similar to the 0200. However, It is slightly shorter than the 0200 and almost an ounce lighter. When closed, the knife comes to 5.1 inches, while the overall length is 8.6 inches. The blade is wider than that of the 0200 model. Side by side it is clear that the curves in the design of the 0300 are more subtle. This makes for a smoother form and a more ergonomic grip.

It is a great everyday carry knife with a versatile quad-mount clip. The blade is made of quality S30V steel and has a Tungsten DLC coated finish. The knife handle is 3D machined G-10 on the front, and titanium on the back side. It also has an ambidextrous flipper and titanium frame lock. It is easy to open with one hand whether you are left or right handed.

The Zero Tolerance Speedsafe opening makes for fast deployment of the blade. The knife can also be easily closed with one hand. The Zero Tolerance 0300 is one of the best high end knives on the market, and it is built to be heavily used.

ZT 0777

Zero Tolerance won BLADE’s 2011 Best Overall Knife of the Year for the 0777. This is one of their most collectable knives. There were only 500 of the original 0777 released with the composite blade. It featured a carbon fiber handle that was able to decrease the weight of the knife. At the same time, the carbon fiber maintains the strength and durability Zero Tolerance customers look for. Weighing only four and a half ounces, it is significantly lighter than the previous 0200 or 0300 series.

Zero Tolerance Knives - 0777

The new KVT ball-bearing pivot system provides smooth, easy opening. We see this feature in many other models that follow. The original knife has been retired in favor of the 0777 M390. The newer model is the same with the exception of blade material. It has a M309 steel blade. As a discontinued knife, the “triple seven” is rare and highly desired by knife collectors.

ZT 0888

In 2012 the 0888 took Best Overall Knife of the Year. This was an even more limited release than the 0777. Only 250 of them were made and it has since become highly collectable. It has a unique, sleek design that sets it apart from other Zero Tolerance knives. It has a smooth spear pointed blade and a handle made of solid titanium. It is completely silver in appearance, as opposed to the more common black carbon fiber handle that normally contrasts the steel blade.

Zero Tolerance Knives 0888

All of that titanium makes for a little heavier knife. The 0888 weighs 7.5 ounces. It is a manual open knife, with a blade length of 3.75 inches. The 0888 is certainly gorgeous. It is every bit as sturdy as other all American Zero Tolerance knives. However, considering its rarity, this may be one to keep in the box.

ZT 0454

In 2013 Zero Tolerance raised the bar yet again by winning BLADE’s Best Overall Knife of the Year with the limited edition 0454. This elite model was created by Dmitry Sinkevich and has a unique look that distinguishes it from other Zero Tolerance knives. The overall shape is sleek and the blade is narrower that more traditional ZT models like the 0200 and 0300.

Zerto Tolerance Knives

This knife is in a category of its own. It is really very stunning, while still maintaining quality and function. The 0454 is a long knife, with a blade length of just over four inches. Even still, it is remarkable light, weighing in at only 4.1 ounces. The machined carbon fiber technology used to make the handle allows it to be a very strong and light weight folding knife.

The blade is a composite of both black CPM D2 and silver 14C28N steel. Three separate pieces of steel are brazed together with copper to form the blade. The design has a nice geometric appearance and is a stand out feature. The Zero Tolerance KVT ball-bearing pivot system makes the knife smooth and easy to open. It is easily opened and closed single handedly by a right or left handed person.

The titanium backspace, sub-frame lock, and pocket clip add to the strength and beauty of the knife. It is extremely difficult to get your hands on a 0454. Even by Limited Edition standards, this knife is very rare. A full year after its release in 2013, no new production has been announced by Zero Tolerance. Add it to your wish list because it is likely to become one of the most sought after American made knives.

ZT 0562CF

Zero Tolerance’s most recent award winner was named BLADE’s 2014 Best American Made Knife of the Year. It was designed by Rick Hinderer, who has worked in collaboration with ZT many times in the past. The 0562CF is a sister design to the 0562 but is made with higher end materials. The CF materials will better stand up to hard use and wear.

Zero Tolerance 0562CF

The ZT0562CF is slightly smaller than previous models that Zero Tolerance has come out with. The Blade is 3.5 inches in length and is made of quality M390 steel. It is stonewashed with a nice looking satin finish. This knife is great for everyday carry. At five and a half ounces, it is relatively light weight for Zero Tolerance who proudly “overbuilds” their knives.

The unique reversible deep-carry clip lets the knife go almost unseen when clipped into your pocket. Another unique design element of this knife is that the opposing sides of the handle are made of two different materials. The front side is carbon fiber, while the back is stonewashed titanium. It also features a titanium frame lock with hardened steel lock bar and stabilizer.

It has the smooth operating KVT ball-bearing flipper that ZT customers have come to love. The 0562 models are also notably easy to assemble and disassemble. This is uncommon among elite knife manufacturers. If you like to be able to take apart your tools and keep them at peak performance level, this may be an important feature. You can easily maintain this knife by opening it up to clean and oil it if you desire to do so.

As a customer, one of the most amazing things about this new award winning knife is that it is a production model. This means that it is not a limited edition, and you can actually get your hands on one.

Final Thoughts on Zero Tolerance Knives

If you are looking for a heavy duty, high quality pocket knife made in the good ol’ USA,

are the brand for you. These knives can stand up to tough and consistent use. Zero Tolerance is proud to over build for heavy use.

Zero Tolerance makes dependable knives for professionals and civilians alike, while also responsible for producing some of the most beautiful, limited edition, premium knives ever made. Whether you are looking for a show piece, or an everyday pocket carry, they have it all.

Zero Tolerance knives utilize the best materials available to ensure their customers are always satisfied. Their 55,000 square foot facility is outfitted with the latest technologies in order to stay on the top of the knife manufacturing field. All Zero Tolerance knives are handmade and field tested for maximum quality.

Zero Tolerance has fueled the innovative progression of knife manufacturing. Each year they come out with new ideas and advancements that revolutionize the business. When you are shopping for a personal knife, do your homework and look at more than just the price tag. Zero Tolerance is proof that you get what you pay for when it comes to strength and durability. If you are willing to put down a little more money, you will be glad you made the investment. It is an investment that will meet all of your needs for years to come. If you want to get the best knife for your money, buy from Zero Tolerance.

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