Top 5 SOG Speciality Tactical Pocket Knives

Sog Knives

​Sometimes, a situation comes up when a plain pocket knife just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need something tougher and tactical. That’s why SOG Knives exist in the world.

​And don’t get it twisted, these knives are made for tackling life – not earning your boy scout badges.

​When it comes to purchasing knives that will get the job done on any budget – SOG knives are the way to go. And, it doesn’t matter what the job is – SOG makes tactical EDC knives, throwing knives, bowie knives, hunting knives and more. And today, SOG knives are still used by uniformed personnel.

What makes SOG Knives Different?

SOG Speciality Knives was founded in 1986 by two ex-military members – Spencer and Gloria Frazer. So it’s no wonder that the knives were inspired by tactical Vietnam-Era knives that were used in the field.​

The name SOG comes from a covert force in the Vietnam war called the MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group). It’s no wonder that these survivalist knives are still used today by NAVY Seals.​

At SOG Specialty Knives, one rule is king – when it comes to tough knives, form follows function.

Here are the top 5 EDC’s made by SOG…

1. Sog Salute

sog knives

The Salute Knife may be the best knife on this list for self-defense. In normal SOG fashion, the knife looks intimidating. If you see this knife on the street – you aren’t going to want to learn about the man carrying it.​

The Salute knife boasts a 3.5” blade made from AUS-8 Steel. The one-handed deployment system and G10 reinforced fiberglass handle ensure that the knife will stand up to all your every-day knife needs.​

Pros: ​Perfect for every-day carry, 3.5” blade.

2. SOG Fielder​

sog knives

The Fielder Knife is gorgeous. The 3.3” Blade and 4.4oz total weight make it the best knife on the list for every-day tasks that require a sharp blade. It also is made with the liner-lock system, so it’s safe to carry in any condition.​

What I love about this blade is the extremely sleek and simple look, with a beautiful mirror polish. This knife is made the for the sophisticated person who sometimes needs a sharp blade.​

Pros: A beautiful looking tactical knife.​

3. SOG Flash II

sog knives

The Flash two is the best named knife on the list. Due to its assisted-opening spring, this knife can be out of your pocket and ready to cut in no time flat. In fact, it’s such a quick drawing knife that it’s been built with a deep-carry clip and a double-safety lock to ensure that people can handle this power.

The blade is a standard 3.5” AUS-8 Steel blade in the drop point shape. Perfect for everyday use.

Pros: Draws faster than Yosemite Sam

4. SOG Twitch II

sog twitch 2

This is the prettiest knife on the list. I know, we just talked about how sleek the Fielder is. But the Twitch is the best looking pocket knife I know of.

This is because of the stainless steel look of the blade matched the graphite aluminum handle.

The blade is short – 2.65 – which means it’s great for an EDC. The blade is made out of the famous AUS-8 steel that SOG is so fond of. All of this combined with the assisted-opening system means it get any job done – no matter the job.

Pro: This is a beautiful, graceful – and fierce – EDC knife.

5. SOG Trident​

sog knives

For my money, it doesn’t get any better than a the SOG Trident for a tactical knife. When I say “tactical,” I mean that this knife was designed for survival and rescue – both in the jungle of Vietnam and in the streets of New York.​

Have you ever thought about how you would react if your car flipped over? If you had to save someone from a sinking vehicle?​

If you carry the Trident, you don’t to.​

This knife is light, useful and powerful. Today, it’s still used by uniformed professionals because of it’s features.​

  • Groove in handle that is designed to cut through seat belts and cords.
  • Knob at the end is designed to break glass – even underwater pressure.
  • Specially designed grip means you’ll never drop it – even when the adrenaline is pumping.

Pros: The most useful of SOG knives for every-day survival.

Which SOG Knife are you going to choose?​

There you go. The most intense EDC knives on the market – all for prices that anyone can afford. And, all made by SOG Knives.​