Kershaw Shuffle 2 Review

The Kershaw Shuffle 2 is an EDC pocket knife. EDC refers to the term “every day carry” meaning that the Shuffle 2 is meant to be a tool, not a weapon. More commonly called a utility or multipurpose knife, it has a wide variety of functions and uses.

This knife is the second iteration of the Shuffle design. Unlike most reiterations of older products the Shuffle 2 is a completely redesigned knife. Thanks to the redesign we give this knife 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Kershaw Shuffle 2 Review

Features and Benefits of the Kershaw Shuffle 2

Blade – 2.6 inch solid 8Cr13MoV steel. Solid grade steel that should hold its cutting edge longer than standard pocket knives. Wedge shaped blade tip design makes it useful for cutting, slashing, puncturing, and stabbing for a variety of outdoor uses. Blade length is long enough for many tasks while still maintaining a compact size

Ergonomic Grip – 4 inch grip length is comfortable for holding and provides increased control. Similar knives have uncomfortable or too small grip surfaces.  Features thumbstuds on either side of the blade to be used with either hand.

Multi-Functional – The base of the knife contains a flathead screwdriver tip, dual sided bottle opener and lanyard clip. Standard pocket knives lack the additional functionality of a screwdriver or bottle-opener.

Ease of Use – Manual one handed opening and closing makes the knife easy to use with tasks that require a knife in one hand and a different tool in the other. Safety locking mechanism ensures the knife stays closed and the choil on the end of the blade keeps it from slipping closed.

Blade Design and Uses

Shuffle 2 Blade

The knife blade is 2.6 inches making it short enough for a pocket knife but still suitable for many tasks. The full length of the knife including the grip is 6.3 inches.  It is designed with a wedge shaped Tanto point at the front end making it good for tasks that involve puncturing through material like fish netting or clothing material.

It also has a tapered slicing wedge blade that makes it useful when cutting through things like cardboard fairly easily. The wide flat blade is designed so that the blade does the bulk of the cutting without having to bare down or apply a lot of extra force.

The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which is a solid mid-grade quality steel that should allow the blade to last for a while through most daily use tasks. The choil or “finger notch”  at the end of the blade is extra large and provides extra grip length and acts as a safety mechanism to keep the blade from closing in on itself while in use.

Handle, Grip & Fit

Kershaw Shuffle 2

The handle of the knife is designed with a slight gradual curve to it that conforms to fit your hand. At nearly 4 inches in length it fits better than smaller pocket knives. The grip is made of glass coated in nylon which comes in a variety of colors for those who are aesthetically inclined. The grip itself is textured to help it cling to your hand without feeling overly uncomfortable.

Shuffle 2 finger choil

The finger grooves built into the grip of the blade provide added comfort even for users with larger fingers and length of the grip helps to aid in control of the knife while the durability stands up to tasks that require you to bear down on the knife, such as serious cutting or sawing.

Multi functional shuffle 2

The back end of the grip contains the knife’s multi-function tools. It has a large lanyard loop that doubles as a bottle opener. The end of the bottle opener also functions as a flathead screwdriver. These are useful additions that generally don’t come with a traditional pocket knife. It also has a somewhat skinny pocket clip that is reversible so that the knife can be carried on the left or right side, though only with the tip down.

Deployment and Lockup

The knife is inset into the handle and features ambidextrous thumb studs so that the knife can be opened single handedly with either hand. Alternatively, you can pull the swedge and the knife opens with little resistance.

For closing the knife uses a nested liner lock that makes a rather loud audible click when safely locked down. The sound and feel as the knife locks into place helps to ensure that it is safely secured. It is also sturdy enough not to wobble or slip due to movement. The liner lock can sometimes be a bit small and tough to reach for those with larger fingers so using an index finger or pinky may be required.

Build Quality

The materials used in this knife are of a higher standard than many of its competitors in the same price range. The grade of steel in the blade is higher than in most EDC knives and should last a considerable amount of time. The glass and nylon handle is sturdy and can take a good deal of abuse when using the knife for more difficult tasks. The thumbstuds and handle components are also superior to similar grade knives.

Kershaw Shuffle 2 Review – Final Thoughts

The Kershaw Shuffle 2 is a solid upgrade to the previous generation and a good quality knife in its category. Similar knives of this type generally lack the same build quality for the blade and grip as well as some of the optional components like the flathead screwdriver or bottle opener. On the downside, the lock liner is thin and tricky to use and the pocket clip only allows the knife to be carried tip down. A thumb flipper would be a notable addition to allow the knife to flip open. Overall, this is a good choice of knife for everyday use or for buyers who are looking for something solid on a budget.

Kershaw Shuffle II Tan...
  • As a utility, tactical knife with value pricing, Shuffle II Tan features a flathead screwdriver tip, handy bottle opener on either side of knife and lanyard hole
  • Reliable 8Cr13MoV stainless steel tanto-blade is extremely sharp and designed to puncture, slash, stab, slice, chop, or scrape the surface of materials
  • Reversible pocketclip is convenient for tip-down left or right-handed carry

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