Best Karambit Knives For Everyday Carry

Best Karambit Knife

Weapon-fanatics go on talking about this tiger claw-like, curved knives which, look quite unique and impressive. Being depicted as only a dangerous weapon, we prefer not to buy but the other side of the coin reads, these can be quite useful and a knife-collector would definitely want it in his showcase. Versatile in usage, it … Read more

Best Butterfly Knife – Master the Flip

best butterfly knife

We’ve all seen the movies, we’ve been taught that a butterfly knife is dangerous and only dangerous people carry them. Couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, butterfly knives are an incredibly useful tool to own.  A butterfly knife can have many helpful uses. They are easily deployed with a single hand, they can be … Read more

Today’s Best OTF Knife – Quick Blades!

best otf knife

Worried about defending yourself? Or getting lost in the mountains? Well, an everyday carry OTF knife could be the answer to your problems.Out the front knife is a special pocket knife that deploys out of the front of the handle and can retract back into it as well.These are perfect for knife lovers and will … Read more

Kershaw Link Review – Made In The USA!

Kershaw Link Review

Looking for an all-purpose blade that’s affordable yet refuses to compromise on quality? Then, nothing would suit you better than the . The high-quality materials, foldable design and ambidextrous comfort are what makes it a winner in our eyes. Check at Amazon Most blade enthusiasts, like ourselves, are constantly on the lookout for that perfect … Read more

Best EDC Knife Under $50 Dollars

best pocket knife under $50

UPDATED: This post was recently updated to include additional knives under $50 that I’ve found to be of excellent quality. There is now a total of 19 knives reviewed below. Enjoy! There are many things to consider when deciding to purchase a new folding knife, but for most of us, ultimately it comes down to … Read more

How to Close a Pocket Knife: A closer look at locking mechanisms

how to close a pocket knife

For many this topic may be a no brainer, you’ve been in the game a while and have seen and handled the different locking mechanisms so you know how to close a pocket knife.However, if you’ve never handled a modern pocket knife with all the fancy new locking systems you may not know, and there … Read more

Best Self Defense Knife for Everyday Carry

best self defense knife

A knife isn’t necessarily your first thought when it comes to self defense. Most people think of other forms like martial arts to help keep you and your family safe from a perpetrator. In some cases though, a weapon can be a vital part of your defense especially if you are facing a wild animal … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Knife Steels

Best Knife Steel

Best Knife Steel Ready to slice and dice your way into action? The best knives can cut through the toughest of materials like a hot knife through butter. It can provide you with the best defensive action. However, what makes a knife the best knife? Well, the performance of your knife will drastically depend on the materials it’s made from. … Read more

What’s the Best Pocket Knife for Whittling

best pocket knife for whittling

Whittling is an age-old pastime not only in the United States but worldwide. Although it may seem this trade is old fashioned, a rise in the sales of whittling knives proves this hobby remains as popular as ever before. Many whittle as a hobby while some become artisans of the craft and use it as a … Read more

Best Pocket Knife for 2021

best pocket knife for 2017

Best Pocket Knife: Ultimate Buyers Guide for 2021Buying a pocket knife can be an exciting adventure, however for some it can be a bit overwhelming. There are literally thousands of knives to choose from. So how does someone begin to sift through them all to find the absolute best pocket knife available? Let’s take a … Read more