Spyderco Efficient Review

Most knife owners will likely carry a good folding knife at some point for a variety of everyday tasks. Spyderco has made another standout entry with the Efficient.

This knife features the unique look that a lot of Spyderco knives have and also has quality construction. The knife itself is made of high quality materials and is extremely light.

The overall size of the knife is smaller than other knives in the category, but the make of the Spyderco Efficient allows it to function well as an everyday carry knife.

For its construction, design, and function we give this knife 4.5 out of 5 stars.

spyderco efficient review


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Solid Quality Materials
  • Corrosion and Rust Resistant


  • Short stubby blade
  • Tip Strength
  • Budget blade steel

Spyderco Efficient Features

Blade – The blade of the Efficient is made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and features a standard drop point blade. The steel of the blade is medium grade quality and is a relatively good standard for this type of knife.

Blade composition and manufacturing improves the blade’s wear resistance and hardness. This particular steel is also corrosion resistant.

The blade itself is useful for light to medium cutting tasks such as opening letters, cutting cardboard or thin clothing material. Edge retention is good compared to similar knives.

Handle – The handle is made from black G10 scales. The resin coated fiberglass scales give the handle excellent flexibility under heavy use and the texture of the scales improves grip.

The handle features an hourglass style reversible pocket clip for tip up carry in either the left or right hand. The base of the handle also features a lined lanyard loop for tie off carry.

Deployment and Lockup – For opening the knife features the trademark Spyderco spider hole for pulling open the blade. This design choice replaces the standard thumb studs that similar knives use making the knife flat to the touch. The hole can be accessed from either side of the knife for ambidextrous opening.

The locking mechanism is a standard steel liner lock inside the handle of the blade. The line lock uses a spring tension system to hold the blade securely closed when not in use. The liner lock is durable and reliable and helps prevent movement or “play” of the blade during lockup.

Blade Construction, Quality and Use

spyderco efficient blade review

The blade of the efficient is a standard drop point blade with a fine edge. The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and is 2.92 inches in length.

The blade length is somewhat smaller than other folding knives in the same category that come in between 3-4 inches in length. Despite the shortened blade, it still features a wide flat belly for cutting and a fine point for piercing.

Being a drop point, the blade is not as suitable for stabbing but makes for fine usage in detail work and the belly of the blade is great for slicing. Can be used for most utility cutting, chopping food, or detailed knife work which requires a fine point.

The steel of the blade has been hardened to be wear resistant and composition of the steel is naturally corrosion resistant. This makes the knife require less maintenance than others at the same price point.

The edge retention is also good for everyday use. As is standard with most Spyderco knives the blade features the trademark spyder hole and the spider design logo.

Handle Design and Ergonomics

The handle is made from black G10 scales. G10 scales are made from resin coated fiberglass. The scales themselves are extremely flexible and handle tension and movement quite well. The handle also has a natural texture that helps to improve grip during use.

The back of the handle is straight from the base of the blade to the butt of the handle where it curves. The underside features some slight ergonomic curves and a large finger hole for improved grip during find detail work.

The handle length comes in at just over 4 inches, giving enough surface for a comfortable grip with the entire hand. The notch at the base of the blade provides extra surface for choking up on the blade during heavy use.

Some users complain that the handle does have the potential to crack under prolonged heavy use. The handle features an hourglass style pocket clip that is reversible for carrying on either the right or left side, tip up only. The base of the handle includes a lined lanyard hole for carrying the knife tied off.

Deployment and Lockup

For deployment the knife uses the trademark Spyder hole opening system. The Spyder hole requires users to pull the knife open using the circular hole on the blade. The hole is accessible from either side making it capable of opening with either hand.

Most users comment that the Spyder hole takes some practice to get used to, but once mastered allows for rapid opening of the knife with either hand.

For lockup the knife uses a standard stainless steel liner lock. The liner lock uses a spring assisted tension bar to hold the knife closed when folded. The lock is considered extremely durable and secure for standard use and doesn’t allow for movement of the blade when closed.

One note that is common with liner locks is that they have the potential to loosen over long periods of time. This can cause the knife to slip slightly when closed but should cause no significant performance options unless the lock should fail completely.

Spyderco Efficient Review – Final Thoughts

For knife users wanting a good folder, the Spyderco Efficient offers a good value. Though it may at first seem undersized, the quality construction allows the knife to function very well as an everyday carry knife.

The wear and corrosion resistant blade requires little maintenance and the flexible handle makes the knife great for detail work. Deployment and lockup are fairly standard offerings from Spyderco and make the knife easy to open or close.

While the knife is not a standout in any particular category, it is reliable due to the quality of construction.

Spyderco Efficient Value Knife...
813 Reviews
Spyderco Efficient Value Knife...
  • A Value Folder: Spyderco offers a unique breed of knives that truly live up to their name. They are perfect for novice knife buyers and as gifts for those you might want to "convert" into knife enthusiasts.
  • Superior Blade Steel: Precision machined from 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel, its broad profile and PlainEdge cutting edge offer outstanding edge geometry for low-friction cutting performance.
  • A Secure Grip: It has a black G-10 laminate handle, Ergonomically milled with prolonged fatigue-free cutting in mind.

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