Benchmade Volli Review

If you’re in the market for a knife that mixes EDC utility with tactical efficiency then the Benchmade Volli is a good choice.

The assist open feature of the Volli makes it a good choice in a pinch and a number of the supporting features make it function as either a EDC knife with its superior cutting ability and strength, or a tactical knife in emergencies thanks to the sharp point and rapid deployment.

It has all around good quality construction and holds up well over prolonged use. For the quality and utility we give this knife 4 out of 5 stars.

Benchmade Volli Review


  • Premium blade steel
  • High quality handle materials
  • Quick blade deployment


  • Aggressive texturing on the handle
  • Only tip up carry option
  • Expensive knife

Benchmade Volli Features

Blade – The knife features an S30V steel blade. The knife comes extremely sharp and is easily sharpened once the edge finally does begin to dull. The blade holds an edge well through most EDC tasks.

It easily cuts through rope, cardboard, and even wood without losing sharpness. It features a plain edge with a satin finish and a flat grind. The slightly thinner than average blade improves the cutting ability without sacrificing durability.

Handle – The handle is made from sturdy G10 scales with aggressive texturing for improved grip. The G10 scales are reinforced by a fully skeletonized stainless steel liner. This increases the handle’s overall durability without adding unnecessary weight to the knife.

It features ambidextrous thumb studs for easy grip with either hand. The split arrowhead pocket clip allows for tip up carry on either side.

Deployment and Lock Up – The knife features an axis assist opening system. The spring assist system is activated by a thumb on either side of the knife allowing for rapid one handed deployment.

For lock up the knife uses Benchmade’s standard axis lock system to hold the blade in place when closed. For added safety there is an additional safety lock located on the back of the handle that locks the blade in place when open or closed. This allows the knife to be carried tip up without damage to clothing or person.

Blade Make, Function and Quality

The blade of this knife is made of premium S30V steel. The steel is considered high quality and the knife comes out extremely sharp from the beginning.

The blade is roughly .5 mm thinner than a standard blade in the category giving it impressive cutting ability without sacrificing blade durability. The blade has a substantial cutting surface and features a length of 3.26 inches.

The hollow grind on the blade edge gives it a nice shallow slope. The knife easily cuts through dense material like rope and wood with ease and handles everyday cutting tasks efficiently. The blade is also easy to sharpen making maintaining the edge fairly simple.

Handle Ergonomics and Construction

The handle is made of black G10 scales. The scales feature a rough texture for enhanced grip surface. The handle is reinforced by a stainless steel skeletonized liner which adds improved durability without adding tons of weight.

Thumb studs on both sides of the knife allow for improved grip and the ambidextrous tip up pocket clip allows for easy carry.

The handle comes in at 4.5 inches in length and features some slight ergonomic curves for holding. It doesn’t feature full finger grooves or a choil but the handle is quite thin allowing it to fit into the palm well. This makes it easy to choke up on the knife when doing heavy cutting or detailed tip work.

One notable complaint about the handle is that the aggressive texturing can damage pockets and once worn down can make the knife somewhat uncomfortable to grip and use.

The handle itself is extremely durable due to the combination of materials and liner and holds up well under heavy use when cutting or stabbing with the knife.

Deployment and Lock Up

Benchmade Axis Lock

This knife is an assisted opening and features an axis assist feature. The assist is a spring loaded open that propels the knife open extremely fast.

The assist activates via a thumb knob that flicks the blade out from inside the internal liner. It can be activated with either hand, one handedly.

For lock up the knife uses Benchmade’s standard axis lock. This is another spring assisted mechanism that slides a locking bar into place in order to hold the blade in when the knife is closed. The knife is extremely secure and provides no worry of slippage when open or closed.

There is a backup safety mechanism located on the back spine of the handle that locks the blade open or closed. It is easily activated with a thumb and provides extra security when using the knife.

The double safety feature makes the knife extremely reliable in a pinch and the assist opener allows for hands free deployment to prevent endangering the operator’s fingers or hand.

The extra safety and hands free deployment are an added bonus that are not present on some other assist open knives.

Benchmade Volli Review – Final Thoughts

The Benchmade Volli functions well for a variety of uses. The quality of the materials in the blade make it an excellent knife for most cutting tasks in general and the extreme sharpness make it great for everyday use or carrying in an emergency.

The knife does a good job of riding the line between EDC and tactical knife. The handle is a durable blend of scales and steel that makes it great for doing cutting work. It has a good fit and feel, if a bit rough but is light and easy to carry.

The standout features of this knife are the deployment and lock up. Many assisted opening knives open quickly but can endanger the user if not opened properly and locking mechanisms sometimes allow slippage.

Overall, the knife has none of the frills and extra features that some EDC pocket knives have but the quality of the knife itself lets it get the job done well. This is a great choice for having a knife to carry in a pinch.

Benchmade - 1000001 Volli...
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V stainless steel blade is extremely well-balanced, offering superb edge qualities and rust resistance. The G10 handle is durable, impervious to moisture, and stable under extreme temperatures.
  • WELL-DESIGNED: The Volli 1000001 features Benchmade's AXIS Assist mechanism. It can be opened and closed quickly with either hand.
  • ALWAYS READY: The 1000001's quick, one-handed opening makes it easy to hold and use. The reversible pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.

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