Kershaw Scallion Review


The Kershaw Scallion is highly rated for its overall versatility. It is a dependable every-day-carry (EDC) knife that is also affordable. Unlike some of the Kershaw Knives that are made in China, this Kershaw knife is manufactured here in the United States. You shouldn’t be concerned about its small size because it is still a razor sharp knife and should be more than sufficient for any of your normal cutting needs.

kershaw scallion review

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Kershaw Scallion

This knife is made with a high-carbon 420HC stainless-steel blade, which is in the low to mid-range class of steels, but the high carbon will be very corrosion resistant. This allows it to be used with any of your basic every-day-carry needs.

The blade also has a nice curve giving it a nice sleek look. One of the new options for the Kershaw Scallion includes three holes in the blade near the handle, which seems to be purely for the aesthetic impact.

Key Specs of the Kershaw Scallion

kershaw scallion review
  • Blade Length: 2.4 inches
  • Closed Length: 3.5 inches
  • Overall Length: 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 oz

Handle Materials

This knife has several safety features including the liner lock, which causes the knife frame to move behind the blade causing it to lock into position while using it. It also has the Tip-Lock. It locks the tip of the blade inside the handle until you release it, helping to prevent accidental opening while in your pocket.

Another safety feature is the SpeedSafe function which is a manual push on the thumb-stud or blade protrusion that allows the blade to release quickly and easily from the handle. The SpeedSafe feature also allows for ambidextrous opening with one hand and does not require the skill level of flicking your wrist to deploy the blade as with some other knives without this feature.

The handle is made with a glass-filled nylon bead-blasted finish. This finish allows the handle to be easy to maintain and grip. The Scallion does come with a fixed position pocket clip designed for right-handed, tip-down carry, which should be considered if you’re looking for a clip with more modification possibilities.

Custom Options

With most Kershaw knives, such as the Kershaw Leek, they are offered with custom options. The Scallion is no different, there are different colored handle options such as black, navy blue, red, purple, olive drab and much more. However, the custom handle color options vary in price. For example, the rainbow color scallion costs around $65.00 on Amazon. This color option, not only changes the color of the handle, but also the color of the blade. This is because there is a titanium-oxide coating applied to the knife resulting in the unique color.

Kershaw Scallion

Kershaw also offers a camo colored handle. This particular knife is specified as part of the Kershaw hunting series. It is tough, durable, and capable of handling all of your normal cutting needs while hunting. The handle is coated with aluminum over steel liners, which not only helps it maintain the camo pattern but also helps strengthen the aluminum.

Another option is the serrated blade which adds to the cutting versatility. Serrated blades are great for cutting tough or fibrous material. The scalloped design also helps reduce tearing caused by other serrated blades.

The Kershaw Scallion frame lock knife handle is made of pure stainless steel. With this stainless steel knife, part of the handle locks the blade open during use by moving behind it. This is a nice safety feature that helps prevent accidental closing during use. This option is also available as a serrated knife.

Best Prices

The price varies depending on the different options you choose, some of which are discussed above in a summary of the different options you can choose with this knife. The Kershaw website has the basic black, non-serrated Kershaw Scallion listed for $64.99, while other sites, such as, offer it as low as $28.50.

Kershaw Scallion

With such a dramatic price difference it is definitely beneficial to shop around to get the best price. As of this writing the best prices on the Kershaw Scallion are on Amazon. Being able to pick this knife up so inexpensively should give you peace of mind that you can actually use this knife without being overly concerned about losing it or wearing it out.

Kershaw Warranty

All Kershaw knives are backed by the Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects the original owner against manufacturing defects. It does not, however, protect against breakage due to improper use, improper maintenance, accidents, loss or theft.


  • Inexpensive
  • Speedsafe is Nice
  • ​Nice Size for EDC


  • 1 Position Pocket Clip
  • Weak Tip, Low end Steel
  • ​Short Edge Retention
Nice Little Inexpensive EDC Pocket Knife

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