Kershaw Link Review – Made In The USA!

Kershaw Link Review

Looking for an all-purpose blade that’s affordable yet refuses to compromise on quality? Then, nothing would suit you better than the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00TAD2EKM” locale=”US” tag=”thpokngu-20″]Kershaw Link[/easyazon_link]. The high-quality materials, foldable design and ambidextrous comfort are what makes it a winner in our eyes. Check at Amazon Most blade enthusiasts, like ourselves, are constantly on the … Read more

Sog Flash II Review

SOG Flash 2 Review

The SOG Flash II is yet another great knife made by SOG. SOG knives were created by the Studies and Observation Group, which was an elite covert operations military group in the Vietnam War. This means that you know you will be getting a quality pocket knife, one that is a favorite within the military … Read more

Benchmade Mini Griptilian Review

benchmade mini griptilian review

Benchmade has been making amazing quality knives for over twenty five years, no surprise but the Benchmade Mini Griptilian is no exception. Their goal has always been to make something better than the competition, and to stand out as exceptional. Griptilian knives are built for performance and are especially useful in everyday activities. This means … Read more

Kershaw Knockout Review

kershaw knockout review

Review of: Kershaw Knockout Use: Everyday Carry Blade Steel Sandvik 14C28N is a budget steel, edge retention isn’t great but its easy to sharpen Handle Material Aluminum scales can get slick, however excellent ergonomics make up for it Price Reasonably priced everyday carry Rating Absolute favorite among users, many 5 star reviews We Like We … Read more

Spyderco Native 5 Review

Spyderco Native 5 Review

The Spyderco Native 5, is one of the latest offerings from Spyderco in their Native line.  The Native 5 is offered in a few different models, with the differences being the handle material and blade styles. Spyderco is one of the most respected knife companies today, so I expected the Native 5 to not disappoint. … Read more

CRKT Drifter Review

CRKT Drifter Review

Columbia River Knife and Tool is known for producing quality knives at affordable prices, and the CRKT Drifter is one knife that exemplifies this.  The Drifter is a sturdy folding knife that is not all that fancy, sporting a very basic style. However, it is extremely well built and perfect for an everyday carry knife. … Read more

Cold Steel Recon 1 Review

cold steel recon 1 review

The Cold Steel Recon 1, is the mid-sized knife option in the Recon 1 line.  It is smaller than the XL Recon 1, but larger than the Micro or Mini Recon 1. The Recon 1 is a folding knife that is offered in numerous variations, costing between $70 and $80 on Amazon, depending on the model. … Read more

Ontario RAT 2 Review

ontario rat 2 review

The Ontario RAT 2 folding knife, produced by Ontario Knife Company, is a budget friendly knife, made by a reputable company as a smaller version of the highly popular RAT 1.  The knife is offered in several variations.  If you are looking for a new everyday carry knife to add to your collection, the RAT … Read more

Kershaw Thermite Review

Kershaw Thermite Review

Probably most everybody who knows much of anything about pocket knives has heard of Kershaw, quality made knives at affordable prices. The Kershaw Thermite is exactly that, a high quality knife with an affordable price tag. Rick Hinderer is a knife designer well known for his quality designs that blend style and function seamlessly.  So, … Read more

Kershaw Shallot Review

Kershaw Shallot Review

The Kershaw line of knives are pretty nifty tools, especially if you’re looking for a pocket knife to add to your regular repertoire of tools. Pocket knives like the Kershaw Chive fit snug into a pocket or bag, but might be a bit too small for some to comfortably use. The Kershaw Shallot, on the … Read more